Equelecua Cuban Café is the first and only Cuban restaurant in the country to feature an All Vegan & Vegetarian menu! If you are looking for unique culinary experience come try Vegan & Vegetarian...A Lo CUBANO!!!


Equelecuá Cuban Café is the brain child of Caro Lafaurie, who became a vegetarian at the young age of 13. Although her Abuela (Lolita) tried to convince her, like most Cuban grandmothers would, that she'd probably not make it to fourteen from malnutrition, Caro held steadfast to her convictions and to her Abuela's Cuban sazón (flavor). Together with her mother (Liliana), they began to adapt their regular household Cuban recipes by excluding the meat portion and opting to use faux meats in their place, and eventually they were able to strike a delicious balance, so good in fact that even Lolita herself would be proud! Adding to the authenticity of Equelecuá's Cuban flavor is Head Chef Julito Ortega, who was culinary trained in his native Island of Cuba. Having formed a solid team, that is more like family, Equelecuá Cafe is bringing together two culinary styles that most would think impossible, Vegano...A lo Cubano!